Mythili Sampathkumar

Writing has always been a passion of mine, first discovered while concocting elaborate stories with a childhood friend in our repeated and unsuccessful attempts to get on air at our local radio station.

It was a decidedly snarky-but-charming pastime in the early 1990s before the advent of Facebook and Twitter but some 20 years later became a talent I wanted to hone full time.

I now cover US politics, foreign policy, climate change, the United Nations, education, women’s rights, education, and business. I’m also a copywriter!

My work has appeared in The Independent where I was a staff reporter, the LA Times, NBC News, PRI, Foreign Policy, Vox, The Hindu, Press Trust India, ThinkProgress, and several niche outlets.

I’ve also written marketing, web copy, and white papers for PR firms, law firms, software companies, and multinational banks as well.

For nearly a decade before I became a writer I worked in the legal field, in international trade. My biggest accomplishment was getting my US Customs Broker’s License.

After graduate school, one of my first cities and a place that has always been home, New York had then called me back and I’ve been a journalist and copywriter here ever since.

Lucky for me, my work has also fed my wanderlust and taken me to Morocco, Germany, France, the UK, India, Peru, Poland, and Mexico and locations TBD.

In my spare time, I can be found attempting to make my way through the growing pile of books stacked in various piles around my room, walking around museums attempting to look intellectual, spending time with loved ones, and plotting my next adventure.